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September 15, 2021
October 2, 2021
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Osiki and other poems


Osiki, god of pestle and mortar, do you not hear hungrier children,

At the crest of the lake, in its wattle, in skeined transparencies

Of sunrust, listening to harmony of trees, ibises

And wayward gnomes swallowed by road, adamant sun thronged by adamant thorns,

Birdsongs, fathers' toes, sunset, evemist, Psalms of night,

B succulent breast, hungry for the pestle, for the mortar, for the damp half- light of morning?


Cries of a darkening market

Silent as cat's paw;

Eagles' talons resting on junction

Near the queen-of-the-abode.

Do you not mourn the withering seeds?

Hiding seeds in rotting corpse

And the market is near full -

Noise, haggling, silent as cat's paw;

All lode branch into the market.

Sleepwalk at dream- end

       Sole of Elegbara

Sleepwalk at dream- end

                You seeker of heaven

Sleepwalk at dream- end

                 Wailers of the October

Sleepwalk of the dream- end

                 At LIMITS of the dream...

Talons of faraway Eagles

Do you not mourn the withering seeds?

Emerging souls at viaticum -

Night's cummerbund & a goat mount the stage of song.

The darkening market is near completion -

                 Velvet, lilac, indigo, silence, at the limits of the dream,

The October, silent as cat's paw, is deified.

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