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At Ekonke we preserve African folklore through visual and written content that takes the audience on a journey through the soul of Africa in all her colorful and effervescent glory.


Stories of warriors.


To redefine the cultural narrative of Africa, and restore the true spirit of African storytelling.


Building a community of inspirational talents with a range of creative vitality to unlock the power of universal storytelling.


We believe in the power of community; individual storytellers coming together to form a vibrant, multi-faceted and unique creation. A broom is strongest when the broomsticks come together, so we have created a platform to accommodate and promote storytellers from all over the motherland and across the seas.


Our People have a saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. We emphasize cooperation and collaboration; acknowledging your uniqueness and embracing you in a way that makes us stronger. We go further as a team.


To fear change is to shun growth, to shun growth is to die. We strive for excellence and celebrate achievements. We understand and respect process, accept feedback and evolve to better represent what it means to be truly African!


Like the varying colors on the Kente come together in an explosion of cultural identity and brilliance, we aspire to tell stories through as many mediums as possible, weaving one big African design. From the open veldts to the densest forests, from the scorching deserts to the highest peaks, we believe your stories should be told.


We aim to change the world’s perspective of the African narrative one story at a time. Catalyzing change, igniting conversations, challenging the norm, shifting the paradigm. We embrace originality for therein lies greatness.

Meet the team

DeeDee Asuamah
Chief Executive Officer

DeeDee Asuamah is a communication strategist who is passionate about the art of storytelling through various media. “Stories can not only change the way we see our world, but also the way we choose to engage within and outside our communities.”

El' Eromosele Agbon's Image
El' Eromosele Agbon
Chief Operations Officer

El’ is a storyteller and part-time antihero. He has a passion for the literary arts and would like nothing more than to settle down with a mug of coffee and a good book or movie whilst gentle raindrops patter on the roof.

Oluwadamilola Adedeji "Dazzle" 's image
Oluwadamilola Adedeji
Chief of Staff

Dazzle is a Spoken Word Poet, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Creative Writer and African Literato. She is passionate about stories and how they are told. Dazzle likes to think that the best stories are told with simple and alluring words.

Freddy Betse's image
Freddy Betse
Chief Marketing Officer

Freddy Betse is a researcher and storyteller. Storytelling is integral to his sanity. He is particularly interested in the odd and obscure. Freddy believes that stories help open an aperture through which we can accept people’s view on sensitive matters and also find a path of our own.

Lynda Rubi Binos's image
Lynda Rubi Binos
Chief Editor

Lynda Rubi Binos is a creative writer, editor and fashion designer. She is passionate about weaving words to depict the evolution of norms, values and cultures as they intersect with contemporary needs.

Ayam Samuel
Chief Technology Officer

Ayam is a web developer, graphics designer and a digital marketer. When he is not immersed in technologically- driven content creation, he is attending nursing classes at the University of Jos.

Precious Oluwatobi Emmanuel's image
Precious Oluwatobi Emmanuel
Vice President Operations

Precious Oluwatobi Emmanuel is a Law Student who likes to read and tell stories. “Since this is where I can find stories, then why not?”

Dennis Errikson's image
Dennis Errikson
Creative Director

I am a Data-Driven Creative Innovator, Explorer of Possibilities and Student of the Universe.

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