Date released:
September 19, 2021
October 2, 2021
Photo credit:
Tubarones Photography

Mother's love and other poem


Mother’s love

Undying, though she’ll exit

It travels through eternity

And decorates itself in time.

Mother’s love

Not feeble like the lazy moon

That burns with drops of disappointments

But as strong as six buffalos.

Mother’s love

Like gold, too steep for miners

And like valley depths

It takes years of millennium to reach.

Mama’s love

Like a snake, it draws patience

Inhabits the hot environ

And forms allies with enemies.

Mama’s love

Oh, how honey is its jam!

Just like the breasts of a virgin

It carts joy and comfort in her spouse.

Mother’s love, you know

Solomon’s gold could not purchase

Even hardship and pain and lack could not defeat

Because, like an iroko, it stood

Looking better than the roses of courtships.


She’s no mechanic

But her love fixes all things.

She’s no Spartacus

But no roman soldier dares her courage.

She’s no doctor

But her attention heals.

She’s no judge

But her wisdom establishes peace.


She’s no engineer

But she builds bridges to heaven.

She’s no angel

But her prayers tickle God's ears.

She’s no technician

But her knowledge gifts us delicious hot plates.

She’s no Methuselah

But her love is eternal.


She’s no magician

But she held a star for nine months.

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