Date released:
September 19, 2021
October 2, 2021
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Twenty healthy brown African clawed dogs,

Racing away with eighty brown leather bags-

Tall, thick and broad.

Eh! They are rusted civilians!

Rough, round the black orb.

Once sat on a divan but never knew how it forbled our taste.

Like how the moon mocks the sun-

It has made out of us a shrill, mirthless cachinnation for many a decade.

More than egg with two blue breathing yolks cursed by swain of its abode:

Ours is a wedlock without grains.

Please dig my grave so I can linger before hunger prettifies our Begiant necks and lungs.

Just like In my swevens, a six feet hightener painted it

Paint my sepulchre with green red, and green colours,

So that the lies that lid the impure vestal-  

Like the twenty brown African clawed dogs

Racing away with eighty Brown leather bags,

will fly!

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