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Tobi Adebayo James
First place
Contemporary art
Happiness Within

To be worried is to lose hope and to lose hope is to die. So, dont and never let life bother you. Just rather key into the positivity of life and make the best out of it. Through this, you'll be relieved.

The streams of water flowing down from the head, rolling down the through the pores of the face makes me and you ruminate for joy !

Water is life, they say!! So as well Art too.

Water; they say is a refreshment to the soul that makes the mind glamour for inner peace, happiness, relief and calmness to the body.

The flow of water preciously and simultaneously moving through the skin would make you smile exceptionally and extraordinarily, it is a colourless natural substance which portrays a dynamic expression of what it feels like to be purely and truly RELIEVED. And in this, you'll find genuine HAPPINESS WITHIN the body, soul and spirit.

You and I are now relieved and we really do find happiness within ourselves. We say NO to SUICIDE.

SUICIDE is not an option ! Yes, its not. The world needs us !!!

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